... state of the art, all the bells and whistles, groovy things moving in and out and shit flying at you everywhere.

It looked really cool.  But then I found the more I expanded, the more avenues I got to explore,  the more projects flung at me or that I personally created and the more strings in my bow I plucked - the less I got to share all of this with the world.

So now I’ve created a user-friendly site that’s built so you can easily navigate it, check out what I’ve been doing, what I’m about to do, and what I’ve done in the past (cause no matter how current-cool we are, we all have a history, and some of that is pretty fakkin’ awesome and relevant and is always worth checking out!)

This way I get to update the site whenever I want, be as whimsical and spontaneous as I like, share exciting news as it happens, and be, well, much more of myself, which is what I’m all about.   

So enjoy the ride!  I hope I get to work with you soon, cause that’s what this site is for: you get to dive into my world, get jazzed, call me up, and we allow ourselves to have fun putting terrific creative stuff out there into this planet.

This is my Director’s site.  But there’s plenty more up my sleeve.   See you soon. 

I had an Uber-Jazzy site...


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