Hope you enjoy this user-friendly site and check out what I’ve been doing, what I’m about to do, and what I’ve done in the past (cause no matter how current-cool we are, we all have a history, and some of that is pretty awesome and relevant!)

You don’t have to read any of the stuff I’ve put on board, but I like being my whimsical and spontaneous self and share exciting news as it happens and all that stuff in the background that created the things that have already happened.  No matter how current-cool one is, what we’ve done before this very moment is also relevant.  Being a story-teller I’m fascinated by the whole picture, and this site is designed to do just that:  give as much of my “whole picture” as possible.

So enjoy the ride!  I hope I get to work with you soon, cause after all, that’s what this is all about: you get to dive into my world, get jazzed, call me up, and we allow ourselves to have fun putting terrific creative stuff out there into this planet.


Welcome to my World!


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